Pan Vera ( formally known as John Chamberlin)

About Pan Vera

Enthusiastic and empathetic in spirit, Pan is an expert facilitator with the ability to help you get to the core of your communication issues. Establishing a tone of respect and care, he opens his workshops and private sessions to the unique, healing dynamics that arise spontaneously in the presence of heartfelt exchanges.

Pan begins your work together with a special exercise or reading designed to offer comfort and support. Feeling calm, grounded, and safe, you are encouraged to speak about the difficulties you experience when communicating with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Listening without judgment or criticism, Pan then helps you understand your unique communication needs and the barriers to their fulfillment. As you gain clarity, you learn a new set of tools designed to prevent conflict and disconnection while allowing you to explore the depths of your own compassion. With Pan’s help, you are able to see that feelings – your own and those of the people you love – are true gifts, ones with the potential to make every relationship infinitely richer.

Working with Pan, you will:

  • Learn how to express your truth without finding fault or feeling shame.
  • Become empowered to listen and speak in a whole new way.
  • Find the secret ingredients that allow love and loving exchanges to flourish in your cherished relationships.
  • Feel like you and your partner are finally speaking the same language.
  • Find you are less prone to anger when faced with difficult discussions.
  • Experience lasting joy in the wake of warm and genuine conversation.
  • Resolve disputes peacefully, without the need for painful and costly lawsuits.

Expanding your capacity for mutual, heartfelt exchanges based on the principles of Nonviolent CommunicationSM, Pan is an expert facilitator with the ability to help you resolve communication issues at their core. During workshops and private sessions, he provides tools designed to transform judgment and blame into a more compassionate framework of observations, needs, feelings, and requests that allows you to avoid conflict.

Training and Experience

PSNCC Certified NVC Trainer, Candidate for Certification in Nonviolent Communications Training with the Center for Nonviolent Communication; Advanced Training in Neurolinguistic Programming and Active Listening.

20+ years in Information Systems with companies including British Petroleum, Citibank, Simmons, Associated Grocers, specializing in group ware and 15+ years in Sales Consulting in insurance, real estate, and financial planning and investments, including three years with Merrill Lynch.

Pan Vera’s Bio

I was born into a military family in 1947 and so moved many times in my youth, living throughout the Southern states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Germany and Ireland by the time I was 20. This taught me about the diversity of human experience; and never to assume I understood another person, which has led to many amazing conversations.

As a boy, I earned the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts, was editor of a school newspaper while living in Germany. I spent a school year in Mungret Collage near Limerick, Ireland.

In high school, I enjoyed participating in The National Forensic League, which has the mission of empowering students to become effective communicators, ethical individuals, critical thinkers, and leaders in a democratic society. I had a blast winning medals in debate, congress and extemporaneous speaking.

After high school, I decided to become a Jesuit priest until I realized that I could not live without the company of women.

Fascinated with communication I studied playwriting in Collage at Spring Hill Collage in Mobile Alabama and later at the University of South Florida. I paid for my education by working and winning tuition scholarships.

I was in the process of enlisting into the Army when I read two newspapers published by Quakers who had traveled to Vietnam. I “dropped out” and moved to Washington State joining an alternative culture in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains with my wife and two children. While there I worked with Cascadian Farms, an early organic farm, helped organize a coop preschool and a food coop while fighting forest fires and planting trees. I discovered the joys of nature, collaboration and team building.

When my son began school, I became a teacher at the Bellingham Coop School; the sources of some of my happiest working memories because I seemed to always know what to do. I observed that learning is a natural process and integral to childhood and that treating children as people made for a great teaching experience.

The growing needs of my family led me into business working for 10 years as a sales person in Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Planning, including three years with Merrill Lynch. There I learned how people make decisions and how to communicate with an economy of words. 

After the stock market collapse in 1987, I began a career in Information Systems. My first personal computer was a Kapro and preceded the advent of the IBM PC. I worked as an Information Systems supervisor for a British Petroleum refinery in Northwest Washington where my major task was to work with the staff to streamline workflow and provide systems to avoid duplicate efforts, to eliminate drudgery and maximize production. I did this primarily through using people skills to overcome resistance to change and to create the trust required for a collaborative environment by making sure everyone’s needs were considered. I became an expert in groupware using Lotus Notes, which led to working as a consultant for companies including Citibank, Simmons and Associated Grocers. Here I learned how to gather and consolidate complex data into manageable information.

In 1998, I started i-Commerce Solutions, a web site development company, and have built over 80 web sites using all the skills I have developed over the years.  

That year I attended a workshop given by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, the creator of Nonviolent Communication and founder of the Center of Nonviolent Communication. He spoke as if he had the same spiritual beliefs that I did, and I realized that the way I spoke rarely reflected those beliefs. I was immediately convinced that his communication method was a powerful tool for peace.

I decided to devote more than my spare my time and skills promoting NVC by volunteering with the Puget Sound Network of Compassionate Communication. Besides building a web site and database, I served on the Core Team and the Coordinating Committee. This gave me access to over 400 hours of workshops by Marshall during his annual visits to Washington State. Thousands of hours of meetings on the Coordinating Counsel for The Puget Sound Network of Compassionate Communications honed my skills in NVC. I found NVC to be a powerful process for developing self-awareness, enhancing intimate relationships, conflict resolution and general peace making.

After living this process for six years and studying workshop facilitation skills, including Accelerated Learning, I started teaching NVC in 2004. This is the most meaningful work I have done and I intend to do it as long as I live. A few years later I became a candidate for Certification by the Center for Nonviolent Communication
My company, Compassionate Communications, provides training and counseling using Nonviolent Communications, a groundbreaking communications technique that assumes that enriching life is the most satisfying motivation for doing things, rather than being motivated by fear, guilt, blame, or shame. It emphasizes taking personal responsibility for choices and improving the quality of relationships as a primary goal.

I help people get to the core of their communication issues. Establishing a tone of respect and care, I open my workshops and private sessions to the unique, healing dynamics that arise spontaneously in the presence of heartfelt exchanges. Listening without judgment or criticism, I then help people understand their unique communication needs and the barriers to their fulfillment. As they gain clarity, they learn a new set of tools designed to prevent conflict and disconnection while allowing them to explore the depths of their own compassion. Doing this I have learned how to make life more wonderful.

In 2008 I became the Information Technology Coordinator for the Center for Nonviolent communication based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This experience has put me in touch with NVC Trainers all around the world, keeping me abreast of the evolution of NVC globally.

In 2007 I moved from Seattle to Vermont and have been teaching NVC in New England since then.

Now my life is all about contributing to peace by practice, promoting and sharing Compassionate communication experiencing fun, fulfillment and joy.